Green Field

The iPhone 5 continues to amaze me.  This picture was taken at the New York Botanical Garden.  I had always wondered if a camera would ever allowed me to capture what the eye can see.  I guess that my question has been answered.

Focus and Big Ideas

6 things you should consider to maximize your focus when working on big ideas:

  1. Turn off your cell phone or mobile
  2. Turn off your e-mail/ No email
  3. Clean environment (clear your desk). Make sure you have space to work on
  4. Turn off noise or noisy people. Close your door or find a quite place
  5. Set specific amount of time your will spend on this task
  6. Write an aim or goal of what your want to accomplish

Squash at work

Squash is a racquet sport played by two players.  It is very competitive and requires a lot of concentration.  Players are boxed into four walls “the court”. Players slap the ball against any of the walls in the court.  The balls traveled at very high speed.  Most of the time, the balls leave a mark on the wall.  This picture shows the many marks of squash balls on this court.


Paul Revere is a great example of achievement. He was great business man with many talents.. He stood up for what he believed in and worked hard to establish this country. A man who took risks.